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French Intaglio Bracelet

French Intaglio Bracelet

Regular Price: $159.00
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This bracelet design is based on the special charms I once searched for in the stalls of the fabled Porte de Clignancourt flea market. Classical glass intaglios are set in open bezel frames along with other old Parisian motifs. The intaglio is a reverse cameo with an incised, etched image and polished surface. They are made in the very same process used by Bohemian glass makers of the last centuries. Our signature metalwork detail displays the intaglios as individual works of art. The triple chain bracelet balances the charms for a bold, yet refined look. The closure is a twisted chain ring and toggle with smoke crystal ends. Finished in burnished bronze. Hand made in our Los Angeles studios. Signed, copyright Sweet Romance.

8" Length